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ReGear My Jeep!

One of the most common things we hear after someone has regeared their vehicle – is “WOW! Why didn’t I do this sooner!?”  Regearing is one of the most beneficial things you can do to your vehicle because it gets your power and your efficiency back from adding larger tires.  Put the leap – back in your Jeep!

What’s Included?  We do complete rebuilds on every axle that comes in our shop.  We do not do minor installs and re-use bearings.  Our regears come with new Ring & Pinions and MASTER install kits from either Yukon Gear & Axle or Revolution Gear & Axle.  Master Install kits come with carrier and pinion bearings (Timken and/or Koyo), all necessary shims, new crush washers, and hardware.  All fluids included – even the fluid after completion of a successful break-in procedure!  Our pricing is generally for both axles.  If your vehicle is 2wd, call us for a specialized quote.  Scroll down for general pricing!

Carrier Breaks –   There may be additional costs due to current ratios.  Some vehicles have certain ratios that require different carriers due to the ratio that came from the factory.  Example:  Some 2007+ Jeep Wranglers have 3.21 gears.  They would need a 3.73+ carrier for their front axle (Dana 30).  Jeeps that have 3.73 from the factory, would not require that carrier since they already have it.  These are referred to as “carrier breaks”.  We can find out what your Jeep has – just call us.

Which Ratio Do I Do? – These are generally the ratios we recommend for a good bulk of Jeeps.  

2007-2011 Jeep JK Wranglers – 3.8L

  • 35s – 5.13
  • 37s – 5.38 (Rubicon Only)
  • 40s – 5.38 (Rubicon Only)

2012-2018 Jeep JK Wranglers – 3.6L

  • 35s – Auto 4.88 – Manual 4.56
  • 37s – Auto 5.13 – Manual 4.88
  • 40s – Auto 5.38 – Manual 5.38 (Rubicon Only) – This combo does not carry a warranty on factory axles

2018 – Current Jeep Wrangler JL 

  • 35s – 4.88
  • 37s – 5.13
  • 40s – 5.13 – This combo does not carry a warranty on factory axles.  5.38 Is ideal, but not recommended. 

Toyotas – 4Runners / Tacomas

  • 4.88’s are generally recommended.  If your rig has a lot of extra weight or setup for overlanding, you might consider 5.13 gears or if you’re on 35s.

In addition to your regear, we’re also going to inspect the rest of your suspension, driveline and steering components.

Axle Upgrades

Above, you may have noticed that some of the ratio to tire combos are not warrantied.  That’s because the size of the tire is probably too large for that axle anyway.  Generally speaking, these would be the types of axles that you should be running in your Jeep to insure reliability and problem free experiences in 

35s – Dana 30 / Dana 44

37’s – Dana 44 / Dana 44 – We would also recommend upgraded axle shafts to chromoly or to RCV CV Shafts. Sometimes a rear axle upgrade is suggested if you wheel hard or if you have additional power.  We would recommend a semi-float Dana 60, which would allow you to keep your existing wheels).  Axle strengthening with truss and gussets would be recommended.

38s & 39s – There is a tipping point here.  If you’re a JK and stay on the street, the 44/44 combo would be just fine.  If you’re a JK and you wheel it – you would definitely want upgraded shafts and know that if you wheel it hard, you’re probably on borrowed time.  If you’re a JL, you’re probably still ok – upgraded shafts would be recommended as well.  Axle strengthening with truss and gussets would be recommended.

40s – We have seen 40s on a Dana 30.  Recommended? No.  To build it right we’ll break this down for you.

JK –  If you’re goal is 40″ tires, you ultimately need a set of 1 ton axles.  This would be a complete axle replacement and we have a lot of options for you.  They’re custom built axles to your/our exact spec that allow you everything you need to have a reliably built Jeep, ready to hammer on!

JL/JT – The new Advantek Axles are substansially stronger than the JK Dana 44’s, even though these are sometimes called “Dana 44” axles, they’re really an M210 (front Rubicon) or M220 (Rear Rubicon).  40’s on a JL Rubicon or JT and light wheeling will be a somewhat reliable setup.  It comes down to you and your driving.  If you wheel hard or you have a heavy Jeep (bumpers, fenders, roof racks, tents, and more) – then we recommend going to tons.  There is A LOT of information to cover in this so please give us a call if you’re interested in running 40s.

The Break-In Procedure – This is a very important part that is completely up to you on how long you want your gears to last.  You can read our break-in procedure here on our website.  If you don’t want to do the break-in procedure or you live out of town – we have a fix for that with the REM Finishing from Revolution Gear & Axle – Call us for more details!

Do we regear vehicles other than Jeeps? Most definitely!  Toyota 4Runners and Tacomas are our second most popular vehicles followed by 3/4 and 1-ton trucks – but we can regear practically anything! Just give us a shout!

Do you want to add traction? NOW IS THE TIME! Here are two good reasons why you might want to add traction devices (lockers or limited slips) now.

  • No extra labor!  When we regear your vehicle, we completely disassemble your axles.  We can always go back with better parts and since its all apart already – there may not be additional labor.  The only time there might be additional labor, would be if you go with a selectable locker (electric or air) that requires plumbing and wiring.
  • Did you know that your 4×4 vehicle may not actually be 4 wheel drive?!  It’s probably technically TWO wheel drive.  Without lockers, you have 1 wheel in the back pulling and 1 wheel in the front pulling.

What kind of warranty do you offer? We offer a no questions asked lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the regear and a one year warranty on the bearings and seals – when the break-in procedure is completed correctly.

We Proudly Use
Yukon Gear & Axle as well as Revolution Gear & Axle Products!

Other upgrades you might want to do while doing the gears that save on labor would be:

  • Upgraded Axle Shafts – Chromoly or RCV
  • Truss / Gussets / Axle Armor
  • Ball Joints
  • U Joint Replacements
  • Upgraded Driveshaft
  • Differential Covers
  • and MORE!


The following pricing is our standard pricing for vehicles that we regularly regear.

  • Jeep CJ – Start At $2499
  • Jeep YJ -Start At $2499
  • Jeep TJ/XJ -Start At $1899
  • Jeep JK -Start At $1899
  • Jeep JL/JT -Start At $1999
  • 1/2 Ton Trucks / Tacomas / 4Runners – Start At $2999
  • 3/4 Ton Trucks – Start at $3999 

**REM Finishing Additional $300 – This will alleviate the need for a traditional break in procedure!

Additional parts may be needed due to existing gear ratios requiring different ratio carriers than you may currently have. 

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