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Our Referrals – Places we trust for things we don’t do.

When you’ve been in the automotive industry as long as we have – you start to know who you can trust and who you can’t.  We thought it would be a great idea to list the other businesses that we work with or recommend.  These are people that we have an extensive work history with and we hope that it helps you find what you’re looking for.

General Automotive Work

5th Gear Automotive
1975 Archer Way, Lewisville, TX 75077
Phone: 972-317-4005
URL: https://fifthgear.biz/

Transmission & Clutches and Transfer Cases

The Transmission Shop
Address: 1620 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX 75067
Phone: 972-221-6300
URL: https://thetransmissionshop.com/

Car Stereo & Alarms

Earmark Car Audio – Plano
Address: 3132 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75075
Phone: (972) 612-6886
URL: https://www.earmarkcaraudio.com/

Expert Car Audio – Grand Prairie
Address: 2125 W Pioneer Pkwy A3, Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Phone: (972) 988-1772
URL: http://www.expertcaraudio.com/

Paint & Body Work

Magic Touch Paint & Body
999 TX-121 BUS, Lewisville, TX 75057

Dent-Techs Collion & Hail Repair – Denton
: 3318 E University Dr, Denton, TX 76208
Phone: 214-499-6330
URL: https://www.dent-techs.com/

Glass / Windshield Repair

Rob Wertz – Weekend Auto Glass
Phone: (817) 791-4877

Advanced Electronic Diagnosis – Automotive Electronics

Auto Electric Systems
Address: 11361 Emerald St, Dallas, TX 75229
Phone: 972-241-2077
URL: http://autoelectricsystemsinc.com/

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Offroad Maintenance & Inspections


Off Road Vehicle Inspections

Off Road Inspection A: $150.00

  • ReTorque Suspension & Wheels (beadlocks included)
  • Inspect for Worn Out Components
  • Tire size / TPMS Update

Off Road Inspection B: $300.00

  • ReTorque Suspension & Wheels (beadlocks included)
  • Inspect for Worn Out Components
  • Grease All Applicable Zerk Fittings 
  • Check & Top Off All Fluids
  • Tire size / TPMS Update

(Additional $120 for Jeeps with Aftermarket  Skid Plates)


Off Road Vehicle Maintenance

Schedule  A: 15k/45k $899.99

  • Front & Rear Differential Services
  • Conventional Oil & Filter Change (Add $60 for Synthetic)
  • Tire Rotation
  • Air Filter Change (Or Service Aftermarket Filter)
  • Complete ReTorque and Grease
  • Alignment
  • Tire size / TPMS Update

(Additional $120 for Jeeps with Aftermarket  Skid Plates)

Schedule B: 30k/60k $1199.99

  • Front & Rear Differential Services
  • Conventional Oil & Filter Change (Add $60 for Synthetic)
  • Tire Rotation
  • Air Filter Change (Or Service Aftermarket Filter)
  • Complete ReTorque and Grease
  • Transmission Service (Filter & Fluid)
  • Transfer Case Service
  • Alignment
  • Tire size / TPMS Update

(Additional $120 for Jeeps with Aftermarket  Skid Plates)


A La Carte Vehicle Maintenance

  • Beadlock ReTorque – $65
  • Differential Drain & Fill – $75 Each
  • Differential Service (Pull Cover & Inspect Gears) $145 Each
  • Conventional Oil Change – $65
  • Synthetic Oil Change – $125
  • Ripp Supercharger Oil Change – $125
  • Transmission Service – $500
    (Includes Filter & Gasket)
  • 5 Tire Rotation – $80 with balance $200
  • Alignment – $225
  • Caster Adjustments – $150 Per Arm Pair
  • Tire size / TPMS Update – Free!

*Tire size / TPMS Updates are only applicable to JKs and SOME JL & JTs.

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1st Time Here? Here’s What to Expect!

Life is full of expectations and since we want to meet (and exceed) your expectations with out issue, we thought it might be a good idea to set the stage.

Do I need an appointment?

If you’ve never been to our shop, you don’t need an appointment.  If you’re looking to get problems like death wobble or clunks or banging diagnosed, you don’t need an appointment.  If you have a check engine light on, you don’t need an appointment.  We’re always going to diagnose an issue so that we’re not just guessing or throwing parts at it.  We’ll then put a plan together take a deposit if needed (the cost of parts saves yours spot on the schedule) and get you on the schedule.  If it’s something we can fix while you’re here – we’ll definitely be happy to!

Do you have a show room?

Our showroom is our parking lot.  There are on average 25-30 Jeeps/Trucks here under going some type of vehicular surgery – which is good because there is A LOT to see! Everything from Lifts, Wheels, Tires, Motor swaps, Lights, Bumpers, Fenders and more!

Can I get in tomorrow?

This is a loaded question.  Some things we can make happen very quickly – some we can not.  If you’re looking to get a lift wheels and tires – we’d schedule it with our tire services team.  Re-gearing – we’d schedule it.  We’re fortunate to be a very popular shop here in the Dallas Fort Worth area for all sorts of Jeep and Truck as well as used cars modifications and typically stay booked about 2 weeks out.

The typical process

  1. Tell us all your wishes and dreams for your vehicle.
  2. We put a plan together to make those come true.
  3. We take a deposit that saves your spot on our schedule.  (Deposit amount is equal to cost of parts)
  4. We find a day convenient to you for your upgrades or repairs
  5. You drop it off at 9am
  6. We knock it out of the park and call you to let you know your vehicle is ready.
  7. You pick it up and pay the balance.
  8. Leave a review! We love our reviews!
  9. Rinse and Repeat from here we can plan our next steps with your vehicle!

House Rules:

  • Completion time is only an estimate.  As much as we try to get things done on time, sometimes circumstances don’t allow that.
  • We are not responsible for parts left after 5 days.  If you leave it here – come get it, or it will find its way in the trash or scrap.
  • We are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles.  Your vehicles are protected in a fenced and gated facility – alot of time stored inside but we can’t store everyone inside.
  • Vehicles need to be picked up within 7 days of notice of completion of work.  If the vehicle is not picked up within 7 days, there will be a daily storage fee $38.50 – per day.  We love to see your vehicles but we’re very limited on space.
  • Even though we use the highest quality of parts and hold our technicians to the highest standards modification of vehicles involves risk to the overall performance and safety of the vehicle and you accept all responsibility for such risks.  If you’re not comfortable driving off-road – be sure to join us on one of our “Wheeling 101 Offroad Classes”!  These are excellent opportunities to go at YOUR pace with an experienced trail leader guiding you step by step, rock by rock.  You can join these classes from the Dallas Offroad Facebook Page.
  • We are not responsible for any expressed or implied warranties provided by manufacturers of the parts used in repairing or modifying said vehicles.
  • We warrant our labor in a good workmanlike manner for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles; whichever comes first based on the date signed below and the mileage written above.
  • If you drop your Jeep off muddy, we reserve the right to clean your Jeep for you.  The cleaning fee is $250 – please bring it clean.
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Re-Gear Break In Procedure

ALL new ring & pinion gear sets must be properly broken in to prevent damage & premature failure.

Improper gear break-in procedures may cause overloading and overheating of the ring and pinion gears as well as break down of the gear oil. Failure to properly break-in a new gear set can be identified by inspection, and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re replacing the ring & pinion gear set, don’t plan on heading up over that mountain pass or hooking up that heavy trailer just yet….. Following the simple steps outlined below before you head out can prevent potential noise issues or gear damage.

After driving the first 15-20 miles at around 60 mph, it is best to stop and let the differential cool completely – usually about 1hr.  You will do this 5 times for the first 100 miles of the breakin procedure. Maintaining a speed below 65 mph and driving conservatively for the first 500 miles is also advised. The gear oil should be changed after 500 miles. We recommend that you drive at least 500 miles before any heavy use or towing.

During the first 45 miles of actual towing, only drive 10-15 miles at a time before stopping to let the differential cool. Contact an Ultimate Reflections Wrecker Service Oklahoma City OK to help you get out of this situation.

These steps are necessary to prevent damage to the new ring & pinion gear. Any heavy use or overloading of the differential during the first 500 miles may cause irreparable damage to the gear set.  In addition the rules above, the following is also true:

  • Avoid Heavy Acceleration
  • No Wheeling / Offroading / Towing
  • No Long Distance Trips
  • No Speeds Over 65mph
  • No Burnouts!!


Positraction / Limited Slip Differentials

Positraction chatter is normal for limited slip and positraction differentials.  Both rear tires must measure the same height from the ground to the top of the wheel in order for the differential to function properly without premature wear.  Limited slip additive or friction modifier for limited slip differentials must be used with the oil to reduce positraction chatter in the event that the oil is changed.


Mechanical locking differentials will bang and clunk during normal operation.  Both rear tires must measure the same height from the ground to the top of the wheel in order for a locking differential to functional properly.

Gear Noise

Most aftermarket gears are primarily designed for strength and may have some noise.  This noise is especially inherent in vans, SUVs, and passenger cars.

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Thank You Collin County Offroad Enthusiasts

We’d like to thank all of our Collin County Offroad Jeep & Truck enthusiasts!!!  We’ve served you all and now that we’re a little further in Dallas, we’d like to remind you that we’re only 10-15 minutes from our old location – so for quality work and the best prices around, it’s definitely worth the extra drive!  Our calendar books fast so give us a shout to get your ride in today!


From lifts wheels and tires to bumpers, re-gears, drivelines and custom fabrication – we’ve got you covered.  We’ll beat any advertised price and we offer incredible warranties on our work.  Why?  Cause we’re confident you’ll leave happy and be back for more!  Speaking of warranties – all of our work is warrantied for parts and labor for 90 days but we also offer a 3 year and 5 year protection plan!

Maintenance & Diagnostics

Have an issue that you can’t figure out?  We’ve got you covered!  Between experience and high-tech scanners – we can figure out anything going on with your jeep.  General maintenance – we’ve got you covered there too.  Oil Changes, Diff Changes, Transmission and Transfer Case fluids – all can be done here by ASE certified technicians.  Have death wobble issues?  We have a free death wobble diagnostic – all you need to do is come up to the shop and we’ll get you straightened out with a plan to get your jeep driving straight.  You even get a free t-shirt when your death wobble is gone!

Parts Parts Parts

One of the best things about us is that we offer more brands than you can get with our competitors.  We sell it all and if its something we don’t normally carry – we can get it!  From Ford Superduties or Toyota 4runners to jeeps – we can get it.  Want to install the parts yourself? No Problem! We drop ship parts all over the nation!  You can get your parts next day if ordered by 3pm! If you want to pick up your parts THAT DAY – order by 12pm and we’ll have them here at the shop by 3 if they’re in stock!

So when you’re looking for a Jeep or Truck shop in Collin County – don’t discount the best offroad shop just outside of Collin County in North Texas – Dallas Offroad a proud supporter of the Collin County Jeep Club and the North Texas Jeep Club

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